The Warehouse team has collaborated with the staff of Marilion, which is located in Mikros Gialos, Lefkada, completely remodelling this restaurant-beach bar.

We created new coffee, food, drink and wine lists complementing the restaurant’s menu that features traditional recipes and special dishes, while we also worked on costing and pricing the restaurant’s products.
We have restructured many of the restaurant’s main functions to achieve the best possible result that would leave even the most demanding visitor absolutely satisfied. These changes, combined with the training of Marilion’s staff and the active management of the venue through our associates for the whole summer season, worked very positively and enhanced the restaurant’s uniqueness. We accomplished the above by choosing the business’ product suppliers.
The responsibility for the coffee has been taken on by Wisecup Coffee Roasters, who supply Marilion with single origin coffees that have an extremely full flavor, and strong and long lasting aroma.